Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh Crap...

"She thinks we know what we're doing." Those words flashed through our heads when Jeanne asked us to guest post for SM Writers. True story. We kind of panicked. But, given that we're used to dealing with frightening situations, we said, "sure!"

Taking the Plunge

A little over a year ago, we had zero social media presence. Google Joke and Biagio and there was nothing. Zippo. As much as the term "social media" scared us, living as producers, writers, and directors without registering on Google was even more horrific. We jumped on Twitter, started our blog, and got a Facebook page.

No Idea What to do Next

We were still scared. Would we say something dumb? Would social media take all of our time? It all seemed like more trouble than it was worth. So we created these rules for ourselves and have tried to stick to them ever since:

                Have fun
                Tell the truth
                Never be afraid to "unplug" for a few weeks

Those three rules keep us sane. They take the pressure off trying to be too perfect or feeling obligated to "Tweet this" or "Facebook that." We still have no idea what we're doing, but following the above has lead to five "social media victories" even while we're stumbling our way through it all.

1. We Hired Nate Orloff

Crossed paths with Nate on Twitter. He was tweeting up a storm about Final Cut Pro, the editing software we use. We took a shot and asked him if he wanted to interview for a job. He's now our lead assistant editor, working on our projects like Dying to do Letterman, and even performing in this commercial we wrote and directed for the VH1 Scream Queens iPhone app (he's wearing glasses.)

2. Paris Hilton Tweeted About Our Movie

The tweet that crashed our sites was probably the turning point in public awareness for Dying to do Letterman. You can still see the original tweet here.

3. Actor Michael Rooker Works With Us

We bonded with Michael over Twitter, after he appeared on Scream Queens, and are now working with him on a scripted project you'll be hearing more about soon. Eventually, Michael's tweets will play a major role in the project.

4. We've Made Amazing Friends "In Real Life"

Since we've been "social media-ing" many of our new cyber-friends have visited our offices, including Julie Keck and Jessica King, Justin Hedges, Dan Gaud, Travis Legge, Amanda Lin Costa, Paul Barrett, and Casey McKinnon, just to name a few. All people we would have never known otherwise...and all people we may end up working with some day.

5. You're Reading Our Post Right Now!

Yes, super-pimp Jeanne has done it again...turned the spotlight on someone you might not have known about otherwise. Of course, she wouldn't have discovered us if we hadn't taken the leap.

We Still Don't Know What We're Doing...
...but boy are we having fun!

Connect with Joke and Biagio
Since they're no longer afraid of social media, you can find Joke and Biagio on Twitter, at their Facebook Page, over at the Joke and Biagio blog, at their Youtube Channel, hanging at the Dying to do Letterman Facebook Fan Page, or their brand new Vimeo Page.


  1. You mean to tell me there's a real life? I had no idea!!! :)

  2. You're doing mighty well for folks who claim not to know what you're doing. Keep it, keep on keeping on? Don't stop believing? Something like that...

    Meeting you guys in person was one of the highlights of our year, and we can't wait to see you again soon. Inspired by your energy and follow-through. Honored to call you friends.

    Julie & Jess of King is a Fink

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