About Us

Jeanne, known as @jeannevb on Twitter, is a freelance writer, screenwriter, black belt, belly dancing, recovering insecureaholic and moderator of #scriptchat Sundays 8pm EST. She's a regular contributor for Script Magazine website and Write On Online.  She also uses @jeanneveillette when in Twitter jail. Her blog, Ramblings of a Recovering Insecuraholic is full of her personal journeys and pimping of others. Her pimping skills have even earned her the title "Twitter Pimp Angel."

Rachel, Twitter name @rachlanger, is a screenwriter, television nut, social media addict, and the X chromosome of the Langer Indie Filmmaker Duo. Rachel's blog A Series of Small Breaks focuses on her quest to see her star rise as a writer in the Canadian television and film market leading, of course, to total world domination.